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Target Fishing Trips 

   We are a private fishing charter service that offers custom trips. Just let us know what experience you are looking to have on the water and we will cater to your need. Popular target trips are listed below. If you dont see what you are looking for just ask.

American Red Snapper (ARS)

American Red Snapper are a  great target choice. Not only do they offer quite the fight but the table fair is excellent! This is a very popular charter trip and the days of season are VERY LIMITED so be sure to book well in advance. Snapper are yummy cooked many ways but I must say that ceviche is my favorite.


Prices range from $1200 to $2500 depending on which one of our boats you choose to book. 


The Shark trips can be day or night and range in types of sharks.

Bent Charters captains have been fishing these waters for years and the shark population has been growing considerably in the last couple years. Types of more common shark we catch are : Blacktip, Bull, Tiger, Hammerhead, Nurse, Atlantic sharpnose, spinner and bonnethead.

Prices are from $650 to $1100


Tarpon trips are available on all of our boats. The "Southern Too" was built for these type trips. Fishing for the majestic Tarpon is an art. You have to know when and where they are running and position yourself and wait. Patience and knowledge win this trip for sure. Hooking up to this beast is a show from the start. Jumping and tailing is every anglers dream. Ask if the time is right!


Prices range from $800 to $1000 depending on which one of our boats you book.

Extended 12 Hour Diehard

Extended bottom fishing trip offers a run out to get bigger fish. Grouper, Snapper and Amberjack are what our area is best known for. Go with confidence aboard one of our boats run by captains who still do this and love it! Our team is full of diehard fisherman not just guys making a living. We love what we do and it shows!


12 Hour trip rate is $1500 for 4 anglers on "Southern One".

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